Reach new users to Instagram and expand your audience

With MrInstaPRO, you get more relevant follow-ups, increase the reach of your posts, become more visible and attract more attention to your business. Our automated Artificial Intelligence tool will solve

I want to get 1,000 - 5,000 new followers

Who is it for ?

MrInstaPRO is for all who want to be seen on Instagram. It works like e-shops, digital galleries and shops, digital agencies, but also for individuals who want to become famous or just to know about the world.

Fitness trainers
Are you practicing five times a week, your body is your business card, and you want to help other people on their way to the dream figure? MrInstaPRO will guarantee that you will see hundreds of potential clients who want to make a stunning change with their character or just want to learn to practice properly.
Models and models
You have a perfect character, you can positively pose, you look good on the pictures, but do not have a calendar for this year from the agencies yet? Or do you just want to become more famous in the world of modeling so you can / could say more money for your engagement? Or do you just want to become a model / model and want to slowly build your way to glory through Instagram? Take advantage of our MrInstaPRO service and your dream may become a reality.
Do you like to shoot, whether for fun or are you a photographer who takes pictures, for example, weddings, parties, creating perfect product photos, or taking pictures of art that many people have not seen yet, even if they are perfect? Do you want your photos to be seen everywhere? You'd like to become a full-time photographer, but do not have such a broad client base yet? With MrInstaPRO, you can easily reach people's awareness and reach new customers.
Are you a painter, a singer, a musician, a magician, a DJ, an artist, a moderator, a dancer, or you have another extraordinary talent that just waits for people to discover it? With our instrument and your talent, we can do anything. We will help you become a famous Internet artist, who will then be able to say more money for his performances, or will he be more often employed for better and better events. With our tool you will get new followers who will promote you through your activity day by night and who knows ... maybe thanks to us you will become a celebrated celebrity on the world level.
Designers / Designers
Are you still an unknown, discreet designer who is already designing beautiful clothes, shoes, lingerie, interior products, original furniture or other design gadgets that people still do not know on the Internet yet? MrInstaPRO will help you to support your design talent and let people know about Instagram.
Do you have a top restaurant, but not enough people? Do you have perfect photos of tasty dishes, but nobody really appreciated it yet, because you just do not know about it yet? Or just want to raise awareness about your restaurant on the Internet? The MrInstaPRO tool has long been used by many businesses in the Czech Republic and abroad to promote their own restaurant and attract new visitors through social networks.
Can not you get new visitors and clients through your social network for your online store? Do you want to increase awareness of your store or brand through Instagram? Do you manage a company's instagram profile, but hardly anyone watching it? Or are you going to get started with Instagram and would you like to get as many new users as possible? Our tool will help you to achieve these goals without difficulty.
Hotels and wellness
Do you have a luxury hotel in the mountains or on a beach with great potential? Would you like to attract attention to your department, support your brand at home and around the world to attract more customers? Our MrInstaPRO tool to promote Instagram can help you with all this.
Do you play football, hockey, tennis, volleyball, basketball, skiing, or are you a professional or semi-professional coach who would like to get other promising athletes into your team? Or do you just want to start building your personal brand on the Internet? A lot of athletes are using Instagram for their own promotion. And we will give you a tool to help you increase your popularity and get better engagement or sponsors.
Celebrity / influencers
Do you want to become a celebrity? A recognized influencer in your industry or just want to expand or maintain your existing network of followers? Or would you like to go into the world with your Instagram profile? With all this, our tool can help you.

And whoever wants to get the maximum potential out of his profile on Instragram.

Helped in the last year


Individual and corporate clients

+ 1,400 %

Average Increased Scope of Contributions


Obtained followers


Reported users

Why choose ?

Exact targeting on Instagram

Find people who will be actively interested in your content and spread it further. Segmentation options are broad (gender, location, liked posts, etc.). We target targeting to only active accounts (no robots and dead profiles).

Higher reach of messages and a rapidly growing number of real followers

We analyze users’ interests in detail and focus their profile in order to achieve the highest possible reach of individual messages and the growth of the number of followers.

MrInstaPRO is always working for you

MrInstaPRO works for you in 24/7/365 mode . Simply, while you are asleep, MrInstaPRO takes care to make you see more and more. This is the main benefit for all users of Instagram.

you can try for free for a week

After 7 days of promotion of your profile, you can decide whether to use this tool in the paid version or stop using it.

Try it for free for a week

How works?

MrInstaPRO will boast your instagram profile. Everything works automatically based on artificial intelligence.

The system, based on predefined hashtags, gender, locations, estimates other related hashtag categories, and searches for users who could match your target audience. Likes the contributions of the selected users and gives them follow and holds the corresponding follow / unfollow ratio.

On average, 1000-5000+ new followers can be assigned to each profile on the Instagram. The reach of your profile will start to rise at a tremendous pace and your target audience will know about you. This is what you will see on the increasing number of followers, likes, and comments on your profile.

For MrInstaPRO, we need access to your profile (login and password). It’s a standard procedure. We undertake not to use the data for any purpose other than to promote your instagram account.

Start promoting your Instagram right now!

Package days mean the amount of time your Instagram will be promoted. 30 days package = 30 days promotion for your Instagram.

30 days

1800 CZK
  • 150 – 1,000 followers*
  • Profile settings
  • Exactly targeted promotion
  • Manage profile settings in 24/7 mode
  • Maximal speed
  • No restrictions
  • Ideal for the exam

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Best Sellers

90 days

5400 CZK
10% Sleva
4860 CZK
  • 1,300 – 18,000 followers*
  • Profile settings
  • Exactly targeted promotion
  • Manage profile settings in 24/7 mode
  • Maximal speed
  • No restrictions
  • More convenient price (10% discount)

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365 days

21 600 CZK
30% Sleva
15120 CZK
  • 7,200 – 80,000 followers*
  • Profile settings
  • Exactly targeted promotion
  • Manage profile settings in 24/7 mode
  • Maximal speed
  • No restrictions
  • Best price (30% discount)

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* Please note that the reported increases are only indicative. The results will always vary for different people. Prices are final and include VAT.

Complete Instagram Management.

Suitable for digital agencies and not just you.

We specialize in managing and building brands and profiles at Instagram. If you are interested, we will create a tailor-made offer to ensure your Instagram profile overall management. We provide textual and visual content, set up advertising campaigns, design appropriate marketing strategies, evaluate their results, increase the reach of your brand and take care of all customer service.

We know what they like, what they want and what they sell. And how to communicate with users on Instagram.

In short, we will not have to worry about anything. You will just watch your profile grow and you along with it. This package is also suitable for digital agencies.

I want to have a profile managed by you


Reasons are many:

  • You own an eshop or other service and want to reach other users on another social network and increase sales.

  • You do not want to pay tens of thousands of fans on Facebook, where the organic reach is reduced year after year and you'd like to promote your business on Instagram.

  • You want to become a well-known blogger, artist, singer or celebrity, and would love to use this channel for your own promotion.

  • Want to get more tracking with a minimum of work, but do not know how to do it.

  • You have an Instagram profile for several years now and you still can not break through and get more followers.

  • You're starting on Instagram and do not like to do a mass follow / unfollow.

First, we need to verify the payment. Then we will need to know if you want to include in the whitelist from the current profiles you are tracking (so our robot will not stop watching in the future.

You should also have a schedule of posts about 1-2 months and have enough content for your profile. For us, we recommend about 1-2 posts a day to achieve the maximum effect. It should be understood that we only provide a tool that saves you a lot of time and can greatly help you. But just so you have to try to have users the reason to go to your profile and do some activity.

The number of followers you can get is a lot of individual.

In our clients, we have seen between 500 and 7,500 new followers per month for already completed and debased profiles (equivalent to approximately 6,000-90,000 new followers per year).

The gain of new followers depends on the focus of the profile itself, its activity and the attractiveness of the shared content, the choice of the target audience to consume your content, and the many other factors that may be the result of your work or part of the accident (your status becomes viral after some famous person named you), etc.

Eg. the profile of a well-known fitness trainer with more than five years of history and 1,000 older photos, which will regularly supply its profile with dozens of pictures of his character, will not have the problem of getting 2,000+ followers per month, while an engineering company with a whole new profile will be glad at the beginning per 100 new followers / month.

It's a lot of content that you either have to invent and supply yourself, or you can use our premium service when we will also provide you with the "ammunition" for your Instagram profile.

Yes, our tool is fully automatic. So you do not have to worry about anything. We'll set everything up.

However - it will be up to you to have interesting content on your profile. You can not expect thousands of people to watch you when your profile is empty or uninteresting.

We recommend:

  • Publish 1-2 daily posts focusing on your target audience

(fitness bodybuilders = photos of themselves, supplemented by a label and relevant hashtags, etc.).

  • Do not necessarily change the style of your posts, just keep on doing what you have done so far. Keep in mind, however, that the number of followers and who follows you will depend on the content and number of people who may be interested in the topic.

    For example, football status in English can attract millions of people around the world, while photos of a set of screwdrivers from a manufacturer written in Czech will not be dragged on in the Instagram.

    As part of our premium service, we can also provide complete management of your Instagram, including creating content plans, creating content (including professional photographic photos by the photographer). This service is particularly suited for escort companies and for digital agencies that do not advertise on Instagram has enough experience or does not want to specialize in this area.

  • Make some changes to your post style from time to time (you do not want to wake your audience over time, no one likes stereotyping, your tracking no).

  • If we also target abroad with your profile or brand, the posts must be in English, as well as hashtags. The advantage is a far greater chance of hitting, because yours can watch "almost everyone." The only Czech pond is a fairly small market, and Instagram does not enjoy such popularity as abroad.

  • Do not share nudity, sex, encouraging violence (your content must simply be in line with Instagram Rules.)

  • Try to be active (not only for posts on your profile), that is, commenting, liking user responses, and letting you know what you've been doing so far.

  • Have fun, your followers, just be fun as you can. Because social media are mainly doing what you enjoy, then you will be successful: -).

At the same time, we recommend that you carefully consider the migration to your business profile as soon as you get the Instagram upgrade. While you have basic analytics tools available for your profile, just like on Facebook, Instagram will reduce the organic reach of your posts. It's easy to translate it so that Instagram expects that if there is something "business" you want to pay for your ad and spend more, then your posts will now show to fewer users. And while Instagram allows you to go back to a personal profile, this limitation on postings remains (at least according to our experience) most likely still active, which means that most of your posts will be much smaller.

Because their use is quite problematic and confused comments that simply do not come too efficient, just like Instastories, when the content disappears after time, so we do not use this opportunity to promote Instagram accounts.

The MrInstaPRO tool is programmed to mimic the real behavior of a real person. For these purposes, we use a number of different measures (different times between interactions, we guard not to exceed the maximum number of interactions per day and many other factors, IP addresses from the sites where the user should be present) so that nothing could happen there could be no threat to your profile. The software is programmed in such a way that it basically does the same activity as if you would manually click on it all by yourself. Therefore, the use of this tool is virtually undetectable.

MrInstaPRO has a number of mechanisms for prevention. We get an immediate alert if there is something wrong with your profile. For example, if a limit is exceeded, in this case, our tool will immediately shutdown etc. We therefore guard these limits carefully and are always set to the maximum possible limit to eliminate any risk and prevent all possible problems.

It is also worth noting that for the duration of our use of our tool, it has not been for any client to get a ban or Instagram has blocked a profile for using our service.

MrInstaPRO works basically on the same basis as when you manage your profile yourself. In the first phase, after we have received the payment, we need to set everything in our tool to targeting - the hashtags, what kind of profiles and posts our tracking tool should track (location, language, type of posts, gender, profile size, etc.) and what profiles and posts (profiles of porn stars, bad singers like Rytmus, Karel Gott J, words like sex, etc.).

Then set the maximum possible limits for all types of intercepts (follow, unfollow, like ...) as well as minimum and maximum spacing, because Instagram has security mechanisms for that purpose and can not track 1,000,000 people per day, it also watches if everything is done suspiciously regularly. For this purpose, we have also programmed our "sleep" function for our robot, which will simply dampen all activity at various times, as you would hardly be active in Instagram 24 hours a day in real life.

We're also looking at new profiles to make the increase in engagement slower, because it's hardly going to work naturally when you make 10,000 interactions a day after setting up your profile. With these steps, we try to protect your profile and guarantee that you can use our tool without worry.

Based on this setting, MrInstaPRO will search for other appropriate profiles that might be of interest to your content. He then begins to make photos, follow them. After the selected time, they will then unregister their profile if they do not start watching you (or when you do not want too many people to watch, etc.).

During the month, we monitor and adjust our settings on a regular basis to ensure maximum efficiency. Generally speaking, it may take about 1-2 months before we come to the most effective setting for your profile that works best.

At the same time, you need to communicate with us, to respond to us and to work together to set everything as accurately as possible and to get the desired outcome with you as soon as possible.

We generally guarantee that everything will be ready for you after 24 hours and 24 hours.

No, we do not provide this option because few clients can set up everything correctly and spend enough time setting. That's why we've come to the point that we deal with all of the setup actions in our service, because we have a lot more experience with it and it does not happen that the client sets something wrong.

We set targeting to hit only active accounts to eliminate the presence of fake profiles that other robotics build on the running belt.

These profiles generally offer various other services that often guarantee the profit of followers and catch up with these inactive accounts. They often have a pair of watchers, watching thousands of other users, and they have been created recently. It often ends when Instagram reveals these fake profiles, purges them and deletes them all. We do not use or use such techniques in the future or want them.

We therefore use other criteria for selecting tracked profiles in our settings, where we follow the relationship between follow / follow for profiles, we can also set the MrInstaPRO to track only profiles with a certain number of followers, to track the age of the profile, it may happen that your fake profile or user profile falls from time to time between your fans, who use a similar tool to collect new followers (you know that either a new user packs all the photos, gives you a follow and after time is not watching you again). Unfortunately, we can not influence this behavior of the users, but they are rather exceptions.

Yes of course. It is only necessary to think that the increase in interactions must be gradual. That's why at first we need to snag the settings a bit, and when your profile grows a little bit more with the next track and it will have enough content, we can gradually increase the number of individual interactions.

On request, we can prepare manual data export once a month. We need to talk to us first. In the future, we are planning to automatically export all users and email them.

Do you want to ask us something?